Jamil Naqsh: The Painted Word

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart shares a note on Jamil Naqsh’s current exhibition at Albemarle Gallery in London

London:¬†Albemarle Gallery is currently hosting “The Painted Word”, a solo exhibition of contemporary Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh. The exhibition, which focuses on the recently created calligraphic works by Naqsh, includes over 400 paintings which tackles different and new themes through the use of calligraphy. Vivid colours and non-representational shapes characterize the works in the exhibition.

“The Painted Word” displays the largest group of calligraphic paintings made by only one artist.

Below you can enjoy a selection of the works in the exhibition.

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For more information you can visit Albemarle Gallery website.

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This is definitely not his genre..I agree that he should stay with his nudes and pigeons..

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