Waseem Ahmed: Pious Fear

Ambika Rajgopal of Saffronart shares a note on Waseem Ahmed’s current exhibition in Geneva

London: Geneva’s Gowen Contemporary announced the first solo exhibition in Switzerland of the Pakistani miniaturist Waseem Ahmed. In 2010, his work had already been exhibited at Gowen Contemporary in a group show entitled Have I Ever Opposed You? New Art from India and Pakistan.

Fragmentation 7, Waseem Ahmed, Lot 140, Saffronart Autumn Art Auction

Fragmentation 7, Waseem Ahmed, Lot 140, Saffronart Autumn Art Auction. Image Credit: http://www.saffronart.com/auctions/PreWork.aspx?l=9132

Ahmed contemporizes the traditional miniature style of painting by addressing relevant ongoing issues. His previous works saw reinterpretations of traditional myths and legends, but in this series he tackles the subject of the female presence in a patriarchal authoritarian system. His use of delicate brush strokes and fine detailing, contrasts against the graphic designing of his work.

In the work above, the painting is stratified into three parts. The background staying true to the miniature style is rendered in delicate brushstrokes- foliage against an orange evening sky. The middle ground shows a sea of burka-clad women- an identity-less mass of blue. In the foreground that dominates more than half the painting, a silver wall stands, on which are embossed guns that on first sight might not be visible.  The work alludes to the atrocities against women behind the seemingly secure walls of home.

Untitled, Waseem Ahmed, Lot 137, Saffronart Autumn Art Auction

Untitled, Waseem Ahmed, Lot 137, Saffronart Autumn Art Auction. Image Credit: http://www.saffronart.com/auctions/PreWork.aspx?l=9129

Two of Waseem Ahmed’s works are being auctioned in Saffronart Autumn Online Auction on September 24-25 2013.

The exhibition will be on until October 18, for more information click here.

Jamil Naqsh: The Painted Word

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart shares a note on Jamil Naqsh’s current exhibition at Albemarle Gallery in London

London: Albemarle Gallery is currently hosting “The Painted Word”, a solo exhibition of contemporary Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh. The exhibition, which focuses on the recently created calligraphic works by Naqsh, includes over 400 paintings which tackles different and new themes through the use of calligraphy. Vivid colours and non-representational shapes characterize the works in the exhibition.

“The Painted Word” displays the largest group of calligraphic paintings made by only one artist.

Below you can enjoy a selection of the works in the exhibition.

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For more information you can visit Albemarle Gallery website.

Lecture Series by Prof. Iftikhar Dadi at JNU, Delhi has been cancelled

Last week, we had shared details of public lecture series“Modernism in Muslim South Asia”by Prof. Iftikhar Dadi hosted by the School of Arts & Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University. This lecture series has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

To learn more about Pakistani art, click here.

Crossing Over: Pakistani Art in India

Sneha Sikand of Saffronart on the latest group exhibition of art from Pakistan showcased in the Indian capital

Alif by Mohammad Ali TalpurImage credit: Latitude 28

Alif by Mohammad Ali Talpur
Image credit: Latitude 28

New Delhi: Currently on view at Latitude 28New Delhi, is a group show of Pakistani artists curated by Ambereen Karamat. Gallery director Bhavna Kakar says, “Crossing Over is the bringing of disparate artworks intended to explore new meanings that at times merge and diverge creating crossovers with each other on irregularly chartered routes; the exhibition hopes to explore these new meanings fashioned within the boundaries effervescing globally.”

Science Philosophy Religion IV by Sajjad AhmedImage credit: Latitude 28

Science Philosophy Religion IV   by Sajjad Ahmed
Image credit: Latitude 28

Saira SheikhImage credit: Latitude 28

Drawings on wasli
by Saira Sheikh
Image credit: Latitude 28

Darling tere liye by Muzzamil RuheelImage credit: Latitude 28

Darling tere liye
by Muzzamil Ruheel
Image credit: Latitude 28

The key element is the combining of established and emerging artists, to meet at a transit threshold. The exhibition focuses on new works at the point that acts as a bridge, a crossing over, to the other direction. With common use of visual references to images that work enigmatically around us in multiple layers, the artists have tinged this imperceptible relation between art and reality.

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The exhibition will be running till March 2, 2013.

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