Gurgaon in Basel!

Shivajirao Gaekwar shares a link about Thukral & Tagra’s satire about Indian identity which goes on view this June

Basel: A selection from Thukral & Tagra’s recent show in Berlin, a collection of satirical works that speak about what in the artist’s opinion is India’s haphazard economic progress, and the haphazard development in Gurgaon in particular will be on view at Art Basel from June 14-17, 2012.

A piece by the artists featuring Meissen porcelain, oil paintings and furniture.

The subject of the exhibit is the taste and aesthetic of India’s nouveau riche. For this purpose they partner with Meissen, amongst the worlds best-known porcelain makers, using vases and other porcelain objects on which they paint scenes of houses and unplanned development in Gurgaon – their impression of what most Indian’s see as economic progress.

Read more about this exhibit at Art Basel 2012

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