NIVIM Goa: Let us start from the beginning…

The Saffronart Team goes back to when it all began…

New York: The design concept of Nivim Goa is to allow the user to reconnect with nature (reason to come to Goa) and to preserve the beauty of the site and its surroundings (hence preserving the reason to be in Goa).

Site photos before construction

The luxury country house achieves these goals by creating a home that is built around the site’s natural topography with emphasis on local climate, materials and building typology. The house’s architecture takes advantage of the site’s slope, existing trees, views and orientation.

One of the first site meetings before any construction activity

Before construction, the site had 14 fully mature trees. The design of the house incorporates these trees that include two jackfruit trees, one mango tree, two tamarind trees and one telful tree. Two trees in particular are located bang at the center of the site and look like they have been there for 100’s of years. One of them rises up almost 15 meters, or 5 stories.

Anjali says, “These trees have been here way longer than we have, we could not even conceive of removing them…they are instead now an integral part of the house design and lend it a special character that is hard to replicate.” She adds, “The new owners of the house can even consider building a treehouse or a machan to further enjoy these large trees based on their specific requirements…” The new landscape design of the house adds other native fruiting and flowering plants to the site including chikoo, kokum, champa, etc.

For more about the design concept and inspirations, read Anjali’s newyork goa diaries!

* Please note that NIVIM Goa is currently under-construction and the images on this blog show the work-in-progress and not final finished product.

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