Extraordinary Encounters (I): Cartier’s First Wristwatch for Men

Saffronart’s inaugural Jewellery Conference, titled The Timeless Legacy of Indian Jewels, was held on 6 – 7 October 2017, and was the first of its scale in the region. Counting down the weeks to our second conference in October 2019, we bring you some interesting anecdotes that were shared by our expert speakers in 2017. 

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A European Summer Adventure with 4 Indian Artists

With the peak of the summer underway in Europe, join us on a unique trip through the continent, guided by eminent Indian artists including Souza, Raza, and more. We’ll take you to England, explore France, and spend a night in Italy before moving east to Greece and Hungary.

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What is the Use of a Book Without Pictures?

Taking our cue from these wise words by Lewis Carroll’s Alice, we explore the work of exceptional European illustrators from the late 19th and early 20th century. Many of the fascinating, fantastical illustrations by these artists can be seen in our upcoming StoryLTD auction of First Editions, Signed and Limited Edition Books.

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Let’s Judge a Book by its Cover

Book jackets and the illustrations on them are often portals to the unknown worlds contained between the pages. We take a look at some compelling covers from our upcoming online auction of First Editions, Signed and Limited Edition Books, which will take place on 25 – 26 June 2019 on StoryLTD.com.

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NIVIM Goa: Rooms are pavilions / bringing the indoors-outdoors

The Saffronart Team’s latest update on NIVIM Goa

New York: While being fundamentally connected to its site and location, Nivim Goa is built in a distinct contemporary tropical style. It offers a modern open plan layout where there is seamless interaction between the inside and outside.

Interior view of the main living area showing how the front wall opens to connect indoor space to outdoors

To blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor, the house is designed such that two walls in each room can completely open to make the rooms a part of the surrounding landscape. Each bedroom is designed like a pavilion in the garden with its own private verandahs and green space as well as large bathrooms that can only be built in the countryside with their own dedicated open space and open baths. The remainder of the site is designed with overlapping courtyards and gardens.

NIVIM Goa is built with tremendous love and that is evident in every small detail in the house. Anjali can talk at length about the big design concepts to smallest details like the choice of custom made wash basins and brass inlaid floors.

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* Please note that Nivim Goa is under-construction and the images on this blog show the work-in-progress and not final finished product.

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