Six Art Deco Motifs That Will Never Go Out of Style

From angular zigzags to sweeping curves, the defining motifs of Art Deco are immortalised in the architecture of the era. We look at six that remain in vogue.

1. Arrowhead

The quintessential Art Deco motif manifests as the age-old chevron or as layered pyramids, lending a timeless elegance to façades and interiors.

Shiv Shanti Bhuvan. Eyebrow queen of #Mumbai An intact masterpiece. #ovalmaidan #balcony #artdeco

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Featured In:
Lot 84, Art Deco Wall Scones

2. Angular Patterning

Sharp angles and stepped slopes transform the ordinary into the glamorous.

Featured In:
Lot 2, Art Deco Floor Lamp Stand

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3. Streamlined Designs

Curved contours, elongated forms and sleek surfaces turn the science of aerodynamics into works of art.

Featured In:
Lot 10, Art Deco Curved Coffee Table

Featured In:
Lot 45, Art Deco Fan-Shaped Writing Table

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 4. Portholes and Ocean Waves

Seeking inspiration from uncharted waters, simplified nautical forms are brought to the forefront of design.

Featured In:
Lot 9, Art Deco Cabinet and Lot 77, Art Deco Panel

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5. Frozen Fountain

Popularised by René Lalique, the historical symbol of eternal life is represented through a highly stylised motif.

Featured In:
Lot 75, Art Deco Bookcase

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6. Sweeping Curves

The fluid aesthetic of curved surfaces seen in staircase railings and interiors revolutionised modern design, and continue to influence design.

Featured In:
Lot 7, Art Deco Sofa Set and Lot 8, Art Deco Twin Pedestal Writing Table

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Featured In:
Lot 62, Art Deco Sofa Set and Lot 86, Art Deco Trolley

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Images courtesy of Art Deco Mumbai, Archana Menon and Peralta Atelier.
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