Jitish Kallat’s Solo Show at Galerie Daniel Templon

Elizabeth Prendiville of Saffronart announces Jitish Kallat’s first French solo show at Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris

Breath by Jitish Kallat now on view at Galerie Daniel Templon

Breath by Jitish Kallat now on view at Galerie Daniel Templon

New York: From September 7 through November 2 Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris will hold a solo exhibition for Indian Artst Jitish Kallat. Prior to this exhibition Kallat has been shown in esteemed institutions such as the Art Institute of Chicago and London’s Tate Modern. Although he has a wide breath of past work and a strong history of exhibitions in the finest institutions, this will be his first French solo show.

The Antonym Allegory by Jitish Kallat now at Galerie Daniel Templon

The Antonym Allegory by Jitish Kallat now at Galerie Daniel Templon

“The Hour Of The Day Of The Month Of The Season” will celebrate Kallat’s ability to utilize a wide variety of mediums in a meaningful and adaptive way, in a single exhibition. His working mediums range vastly from oil paint to text to photography. His work focuses on acts of his daily life, even the most mundane, and refocuses them in a creative and intriguing display. This can be seen in his work “Breath” when he takes seven portions of roti, customary Indian bread, and evolves them into the physical representations of the cycling moon. He validates the typical and everyday item and gives it a much greater meaning and importance within his work. In his creative eye, dining plates become part of the solar system while security checkpoints become intricate choreography. The expected and accepted is reformatted into the thought provoking and less familiar. With his ability to take the everyday aspects of life and repurpose them into evocative, witty metaphors Kallat engages audiences immediately with his work. By combining the familiar with the more theoretical and artistic, he prompts a dialogue for viewers to take part in while viewing his pieces. It is no surprise that he will be filling the two Galerie Templon spaces with his recent work.

This accessible, yet sophisticated dialogue is part of what makes Kallat so successful and marketable as a Contemporary Indian artist. Born in Mumbai, Kallat is seen as an important individual in a wave of Contemporary Indian artists who have made a noticeable impact on the global art market. While in Paris this fall, be sure to visit Jitish Kallat’s solo show at the Galerie Daniel Templon. His work promises to be memorable and impactful for years to come.

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