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Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart stumbles across the Center for the History of Collecting in New York

Portrait of Henry Clay Frick. Image Credit:

Portrait of Henry Clay Frick. Image Credit:

London: Unlike most of our posts on this blog, in this one I explore an institution that does not deal directly with artworks, but with the ‘art form’ that makes the art-world tick: collecting.

The unique Centre for the History of Collecting in New York was established in 2007 as part of the Frick Collection in New York, with the aim of providing support and encouragement in the creation of private and public art collections in Europe and in America. Its particular focus is on art from the Renaissance up to contemporary times.

In order to provide support, the centre, along with the Frick Collection’s reference library and photo archive, regularly organizes seminars, symposia and study-days, and holds a collection of catalogues and records on collectors, artworks and dealers. In addition, the institution actively publishes reference books and offers fellowship programs.

One of the more interesting scholar’s workshops held by the centre in association with the Metropolitan Museum in New York focused on collecting Byzantine and Islamic art, and was documented on video by the Museum.

If you are considering starting a collection or if you already a collector attending any of the lectures and paying a visit to the centre is a must!

More information on the center can be found here.

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