Jyoti Bhatt: Rediscovering Photography

Sneha Sikand of Saffronart on the artist’s presentation at a TEDx event

Jyoti Bhatt at the TEDx event in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Renowned painter, printmaker and photographer, Jyoti Bhatt, recently gave a talk at a TEDx event held in Ahmedabad. One of the founding members of the Center of Photography in Baroda, Bhatt shifted his focus from painting to photography early on in his career. He speaks about his love for photography and why he keeps going back to it despite being an equally successful printmaker and painter.

Having studied printmaking, fresco and mural making, one can see these various methods influencing his body of photographic work. Even while capturing the visual culture of rural Gujarat, Rajasthan, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, or just landscapes and individuals, he bears in mind the finer details which can be grasped with the single click of a camera.

Focusing particularly on his love and passion for photography, Bhatt presents several examples of  how he likes to photograph different textures and forms. He also gives an interesting account of a sketch made by him in the 1950s and a photograph that he took fifteen years later being a mirror image of the sketch. He goes on to compare the two works but obviously prefers the photograph as he feels the nuances are captured better.

Watch the TEDx video here

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