Oh my Gold! (Diamond, Dollars)

Amit Kapoor of Saffronart explores the diamond industry outlook for India 

New Delhi: What does the sliding rupee mean to Indian diamond manufacturers/importers and to importers of gold? Today, these precious beauties are all imported to India (ironically, some of the worlds most famous diamonds originated in Indian mines) and significant changes in dollar price as well as import duties by successive Indian governments leaves a big impact.

This current article talks about the annual Jewelers Circular Keystone (commonly known as the JCK show) in Las Vegas where lower numbers of Indian were seen buying this time around. However, there is hope that the coming festive season in India will keep demand alive. It also includes an interesting note on the changes in value of these precious stones and metals. Also listen to Varda Shine, Chief Executive of DeBeers, talks about the diamond industry outlook for India, and in general, prices of diamonds, and DeBeers’ facility in Gaborone, Botswana.

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