Contemporary Craft Art Featured in the United Art Fair

Elizabeth Prendiville of SaffronArt shares  Delhi Crafts Council’s display of Contemporary craft artists in the United Art Fair in September.

Soni Jogi

New York: Last spring Delhi gallery owner Peter Nagy connected with the Delhi Crafts Council to create a traditional yet contemporary body of work for the United Art Fair in Delhi. Eight artisan craftsman were chosen to create over fifty pieces of work for the art fair. These pieces hold a unique space within the greater art fair environment, because they honor the traditional craft techniques of tribal and folk art while still maintaining a fresh and new aesthetic. With the United Art Fair as their benefactor, these artisans were provided work space, materials and compensation for their beautifully crafted piece. This opportunity also presents a dual beneficial experience for both art fair audiences and these newly supported craftsmen.

Soni Jogi

Each showcased artist has their own story and traditional technique. This familial narrative is actively displayed in each one of these simple yet dynamic pieces. Although some of these artists have formal artistic training through universities, artist Soni Jogi is completely self-taught. Her utilization of dot painting displays a sophistication and acknowledgement of art history, yet expresses her visualizations in a simplistic way. Born and raised in Rajasthan, Jogi experimented with different aspects of dot painting by using ink on paper and later more mediums such as acrylic paint. Through participating in an arts workshop with the Delhi Crafts council she has expanded her work onto large-scale canvases.

This collaboration between these artists and the Delhi Crafts Council will create countless possible opportunities for these artists in addition to the United Art Fair. By highlighting the intricate differences in technique and tradition that is present in this work we see the individual stories of each artist. Although the United Art Fair ended on September 17th, these artists will continue to be a pivotal part of the Indian Contemporary art market. While the collaboration is rooted in a desire to foster the careers of these artists, these pieces will also grow significantly in value. Currently prices range from Rs 5000-30,000. To learn more about the stories of these individual artists click here. To learn more about United Art Fair click here.

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