The Centre Pompidou Foundation in New York

Josheen Oberoi shares some news on an exciting Paris – New York collaboration.

The Centre Pompidou

New York: In some interesting stateside news, the Centre Pompidou Foundation announced the appointment of curator Sylvia Chivaratanond as first Adjunct Curator of the American Art department last month.

The Centre Pompidou Foundation, an American foundation, was established in 1977. This was the same year that the magnificent Centre Pompidou, the national modern art museum of France opened its doors in Paris. The foundation was formed to assist with the acquisition and connoisseurship of art among collectors in the US, in support of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. This is the first time that the foundation has hired a curator for American Art to stay informed of the contemporary trends in New York. Since the tug of war between New York and Paris as the twin centers of Western contemporary art never appears to cease, this move is all the more striking.

In an interview with, the curator said, “The NYC scene is very fluid and moves at a much faster pace, which is why the Pompidou curators prefer to have someone on the ground here so that I may relay the information to them quickly.” Sylvia Chivaratanond, the curator, is based in New York, where she has been working independently. Her previous projects have included exhibitions at Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and London’s Tate.

Read more of her interview here.

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