Anish Kapoor’s works travel to Australia for the summer

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart introduces Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s latest exhibition

London: The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is paying homage to the great Indian born-British artist Anish Kapoor through his first major exhibition in Australia as part of the Sydney International Art Series. The exhibition is on display until the beginning of April, and includes a various array of works belonging both to the past and present of the artist’s oeuvre.

Through his body of work, Kapoor explores and tries to understand the meaning of being human. His quest leads him to negotiations between different shapes, media, and optical illusions which increase the uncertainty about reality and fantasy. However, even though Kapoor’s works might not resolve our doubts on existence and life, they certainly lead us to reflect and think more upon what surrounds us.

I highly recommend a walk through his work at the MCA in Sydney, but if you are not lucky enough to be there at the right time you can enjoy a selection of his works below.

More information on the show and on events related to it can be found here.

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