A Certain Grace- The Sidi: Indians of African Descent by Ketaki Sheth

Tarika Agarwal of Saffronart discusses Ketaki Sheth’s photography and her recent exhibition

Ketaki Sheth, A Certain Grace The Sidi: Indians of African Descent

Ketaki Sheth, A Certain Grace The Sidi: Indians of African Descent. Image Credit: http://www.ngmaindia.gov.in/pdf/ketaki_invite.pdf

Mumbai: The National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi is currently hosting “A Certain Grace, The Sidi: Indians of African Descent” by Ketaki Sheth until November 3.

Ketaki Sheth began taking pictures of Bombay in the late 1980s, under the guidance of renowned photographer Raghubir Singh. Her fascination with the city of Bombay and its teeming masses extends beyond the poverty, the population and the pollution of the city.

Sheth has slowly moved onto different aspects of photography. On Monday 16th of September 2013 her exhibition at the NGMA was inaugurated by Raghu Rai. Her photographs impressively narrate the lives of Sidi’s – Indians of African descent that over the past many centuries have migrated to India. She has meticulously compiled the photographs as part of a long study carried out about the county’s least talked about community and sensitively narrates the fabulous tales of the people through her photographs.

Below you can enjoy few images of her photographs. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but does give us an idea of the work she has done and the influence she has tried to make…

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To see more photographs click here.

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