The Little Taj Mahal of France

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart reveals a secret place in France

London: If you have always wanted to visit one of the world seven wonders i.e. The Taj Mahal, but never managed to accomplish your dream I have the perfect solution for you!

Last week for the first time in 135 years “The Pavilion of India” in Courbevoie near Paris, opened to the public. Originally the building was erected in 1878 for the Universal Exhibition of Paris in order to display Indian art, jewellery and crafts after the return of the Prince of Wales from India in 1876.


Its initial location was on the spot where the Eiffel Tower is now located and it was set up in a larger building. The original structure was almost destroyed and parts of it were sold to different owners.

Now a set of shiny domes covered in 10,000 gold foils overlook the town of Courbevoie. The current architecture and interior of the building are not strictly Indian but shows a variety of styles. The director of the “Pavilion des Indes”, Emanuelle Trief-Touchard says, “It’s a vision that we had of India, of the far-east, at that time. We’ve freely mixed the styles, forms and colour to give an idea of the exoticism at the end of the 19th century.”


One of the highlights of the pavilion is the extraordinary view on the Eiffel Tower.


Perhaps the story behind the Pavilion of India is not as romantic as the one of The Taj Mahal, but it is still an interesting building narrating our past history.

Book your visit in advance since only 19 people are allowed at a time. For more information visit Pavillon des Indes.