Visions of India @ Grosvenor Gallery

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart invites you to visit ” Visions of India”, Grosvenor Gallery’s current exhibition in London

London: If you find yourself in Central London for your Christmas shopping, take a break and visit Grosvenor Gallery’s current exhibition: “Visions of India”- which is definitely worth it a trip to central London in itself.

Wonderful pictures by British photographer Derry Moore and Indian photographer Prarthana Modi will guide you through the diverse landscape and architecture of the Indian subcontinent.

Below you can enjoy a sneak peek of the exhibition but you’d better go and see it in person!

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More information can be found here.




Prarthana Modi: Silencieux

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart recommends Prarthana Modi’s exhibition in Paris

London: If you are visiting Paris this summer, I’d highly recommend visiting La Capitale Galerie which is currently hosting “Silencieux”, a solo exhibition of Prarthana Modi.

Contemplation, New Delhi, Prarthana Modi, 2010

Contemplation, New Delhi, Prarthana Modi, 2010. Image Credit:

Modi, a New Delhi based photographer, captures the world in black and white. Her subjects are ordinary people and ordinary life which she manages to transform in a poetic and dream-like atmosphere.

Looking up, New Delhi, Prarthana Modi, 2010

Looking up, New Delhi, Prarthana Modi, 2010. Image Credit:

As Satish Gujral said: “it is the ‘seeing eye’ she is gifted with that helps Prarthana to see the poetic in the insignificant and carve a piece of beauty out of it”.

Modi says: “My quest is to see and depict the light..the light within as the light without. It is about using the light outside to make one connect with the light inside. And also, to capture stillness.  Stillness, as in a moment of inner peace and quietude.

Solitude, New Delhi, Prarthana Modi, 2012

Solitude, New Delhi, Prarthana Modi, 2012. Image Credit:

“Every photograph I take evokes a certain emotion in me and my effort is to try to make the viewer feel something too.. it may be the same emotion that I felt or something totally different. For me, to feel is to be human and alive.”

“Silencieux” is on until the 27th of July. More information on the exhibition can be found here.



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