Anita Dube’s Chance Pieces

Shradha Ramesh rediscovers Anita Dube’s work through her latest exhibition at Nature Morte, Berlin

New York: Nature Morte in Berlin is currently hosting “Chance Pieces”, the first solo show by Anita Dube in Germany.

On display are sculptures, wall based pieces and text works. The exhibition creates a mellifluous translation of visual language from black and white photography to a wax candle installation. The artist’s works induce a sense of taking you to another world, the world of Dube’s memories or experiences tempered with social and mythological references.

There is a sense of smooth transitions of patterns from her photographic oeuvre to her sculpture and installation. The flamboyant media she adopts mingle with textual messaging of societal loss, transformation and regeneration.

The artist thinks art is “a form of speculation that attempts to turn people’s attention towards something.”

For me -“Woman”, a 2007 paraffin wax and wick installation, hit a poignant note; it was a simple work, yet powerful.

Nature Morte is dedicated to experimental Indian contemporary art. Other than Berlin they have two gallery spaces in India – Gurgaon and New Delhi. Peter Nagy, the founder, selects artists who challenge and experiment with new forms of art on various levels.

Anita Dube’s “Chance Pieces” is on display from June 7 – July 27, 2013. To learn more about the exhibition click here.

Little Weapons of Defense, Anita Dube, 2008

Little Weapons of Defense, Anita Dube, 2008. Image Credit:

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