L.N. Tallur To Debut At Nature Morte

Elizabeth Prendiville of SaffronArt shares an announcement about L.N. Tallur’s “ UKAI (Cormorant Fish Hunting)” in Delhi.

New York: L.N. Tallur has established a strong career through his sculptural pieces that convey a greater meaning and commentary on our contemporary world. His training and work experience worldwide have provided a vast approach to reoccurring societal plagues and inspirations that are present in all of his work. While he touches on historically rooted techniques each of his pieces employs a thematic response to time, want, greed, nostalgia and other elements of human life. His new show “UKAI (Cormorant Fish Hunting)” starting on January 11th at Nature Morte, will display all new works and embodies that metaphorical message that he is known for. Currently, the artist resides in both India and South Korea and utilizes inspirations from a variety of cultural standpoints to depict his metaphorically driven work.

Even the title “UKAI (Cormorant Fish Hunting)” is filled with a greater meaning from the artist’s perspective. In this name he is referencing the medieval Chinese and Japanese technique of fishing with help of trained cormorant birds. Each cormorant bird (or “Ukai” in Japanese) is controlled by a knot at the base of the throat that prevents them from devouring the fish and instead allowing the fisherman to obtain the spoils of their hunt. This collision between human desire and nature is Tallur’s well-crafted illustration for the presence of greed in our society, specifically within global labor out-sourcing.

Tallur’s sculptures expand on these themes through depictions of manipulated figural shapes as well as a wide variety of materials such as wood, metals and mixed media. The artist takes an earnest and aggressive approach to these themes while still remaining playful and explorative in his work.


Prior to his solo exhibition at Nature Morte, L.N. Tallur debuted his solo exhibition “Quintessential” at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai in 2011. In addition to “UKAI” his solo exhibition “Balancing Act” is currently being show at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia.  While in South Delhi this winter, do visit the curatorial space Nature Morte to take in this eclectic exhibition. “UKAI (Cormorant Fish Hunting)” will be on display through February 8th 2014. To learn more about this exhibition and Nature Morte visit their website here. 

Nature Morte’s “Parallel Postulates”

Elizabeth Prendiville of Saffronart shares a note about the newly opened group exhibition at Nature Morte in New Delhi. 

Mona Rai Krishna-Krishna, 2013 Mixed media on canvas 74" x 72" (188 x 183 cms) diptych http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-12-07_parallel-postulates/

Mona Rai
Krishna-Krishna, 2013
Mixed media on canvas
74″ x 72″ (188 x 183 cms) diptych

New York:  On December 7th Nature Morte Gallery in New Delhi will be debuting their exhibition “Parallel Postulates” featuring all new work from artists Aakash Nihalani, Anita Dube, Martand Khosla and Mona Rai. All of the works represents an aesthetic focused on geometric patterns and mathematical illustrations. Each artist has an individual approach to utilizing geometric structures in their abstract work.

Martand Khosla System Natural-Iv, 2013 brick dust on paper (silk screen) 31" x 25" (79 x 64 cms) http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-12-07_parallel-postulates/

Martand Khosla
System Natural-Iv, 2013
brick dust on paper (silk screen)
31″ x 25″ (79 x 64 cms) http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-12-07_parallel-postulates/

Although geometric shapes are relatively common themes in abstract-influenced work, “Parallel Postulates” displays a surprisingly diverse range of mediums and approaches. Pieces such as Mona Rai’s “Krishna-Krishna” display mixed media through colors and textures while Martland Khosla’s “System Natural-Iv” uses figural narrative and touches on his experiences with architecture while using the unique medium of brick dust on paper.

Aakash Nihalani  Cloud (Yellow), 2012 Painted Stainless Steel  72" x 72" x .25" (183 x 183 x .64 cms) http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-12-07_parallel-postulates/

Aakash Nihalani Cloud (Yellow), 2012 Painted Stainless Steel 72″ x 72″ x .25″ (183 x 183 x .64 cms) http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-12-07_parallel-postulates/

All four of these artists are New Delhi based except for Aakash Nihalani who currently works in New York. Nature Morte is well known globally for celebrating experimental and conceptual contemporary works as well as promoting cross-cultural dialogue. They refer to the space as both a commercial gallery and a curatorial experiment, thus it should come as no surprise that this exhibition displays a wide variety of mixed media. Nature Morte currently represents Mona Rai and Anita Dube. “Parallel Postulates” will be on display through January 4th 2014. Be sure to visit Nature Morte’s diverse group show while in New Delhi this winter. For more information visit Nature Morte’s website here. 

Thukral & Tagra: Q

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart shares a note on T & T current exhibition: Q

Thukral & Tagra, Dominus Aeris Escape 5, 2013

Thukral & Tagra, Dominus Aeris Escape 5, 2013. Image Credit: http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-11-27_thukral-and-tagra-q/selected-works/#

London: Nature Morte is currently hosting at the Famous Studio in Mumbai “Q”, the second solo exhibition in Mumbai of artist duo Thukral & Tagra.

The exhibition revolves around a dear theme to T & T: the Indian diaspora  and the feelings of anxiety, insecurity and hope which are connected to that. In the specific “Q is the story of one of the many abandoned brides that haunt the state of Punjab, almost a contemporary fairytale fraught with loneliness, desperation and confusion, yet infused with hopeful dreams that are difficult to let go of.”

Thukral & Tagra, Dominus Aeris Facies 7, 2012

Thukral & Tagra, Dominus Aeris Facies 7, 2012. Image Credit: http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-11-27_thukral-and-tagra-q/selected-works/#

T & T’s art is colourful and provocative, which discusses harsh realities through bright colours and cartoon-like imageries.

“Most of our works address the issues, cultural shifts, problems and beliefs of people living in India today. We grew up with the general acknowledgement that most Indians dream of leaving India and moving abroad,” Thukral says, adding that the dream is “laced with anxiety and insecurity.”

Thukral & Tagra, Pinball 1 (Windows of Opportunity), 2012

Thukral & Tagra, Pinball 1 (Windows of Opportunity), 2012 . Image Credit: http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-11-27_thukral-and-tagra-q/selected-works/#

The exhibition features paintings of different sizes as well as videos and installations. T & T recently also expanded their creativity with a collaboration with the Italian fashion brand Etro for which they designed a bag collection.

Thukral & Tagra, Pinball 11 (Windows of Opportunity), 2012

Thukral & Tagra, Pinball 11 (Windows of Opportunity), 2012. Image Credit: http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-11-27_thukral-and-tagra-q/selected-works/#

Q is on until December 17 at the Famous Studio, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai and you can read more information here.



Chitra Ganesh’s Residency at Bose Pacia, New York

Kanika Pruthi of Saffronart discusses Chitra Ganesh’s fantastical works in light of her ongoing artist residency at Bose Pacia in New York City

Secrets, Chitra Ganesh, 2007

Secrets, Chitra Ganesh, 2007. Image Credit: http://www.chitraganesh.com/dc6.html

NEW YORK: Brooklyn based artist of Indian origin, Chitra Ganesh is the current artist- in residence at Bose Pacia in New York City as part of their Transparent Studio initiative, showing her works from June 18th to July 16th, 2013.

The Transparent Studio is an artist studio program founded by Bose Pacia where the selected artists are provided with a studio space in the main gallery. The intention of turning the transitional gallery space into a temporary artist studio is to enable an atmosphere of engagement and conversation around the creative process, allowing an opportunity to engage with the artist is the given set up.

Chitra Ganesh received her BA in Comparative Literature and Art Semiotics in 1996 and her MFA from Columbia University in 2002. Ganesh’s work has been exhibited widely at venues including PS 1/MOMA, Brooklyn Museum, the Asia Society, and the Andy Warhol Museum, Fondazione Sandretto in Italy, Nature Morte Berlin, ZKM in Germany, and the Gothenburg Kunsthalle.

Ganesh’s art and practice draws equally from her Indian roots as from her engagement with contemporary discourses regarding identity, the feminine, history and such. An adept multimedia artist, her works range from text based canvases, illustrations, prints, installations and collaborative projects. Her visual oeuvre serves a concoction of mythology, folklore, sci-fi, Indian bollywood, graffiti- drawn from her international experiences- a heady mix nonetheless a stimulating portion for a discerning connoisseurs’ palette .

The female protagonist is central to Ganesh’s work, reminiscent of the male super heroes of the comic book traditions. The ‘heroine’ often takes on the garb of the superhero- challenging and questioning societal norms and beliefs. The artist’s narrative is fuelled by her efforts to challenge the established canons- of history, literature, art, culture. The super ‘heroine’ of Ganesh’s works gives voice to the excluded narratives which are often relegated to the periphery of the ‘popular’ and ‘accepted’.

A consistent element of Ganesh’s visuality is her adaptation of the comic book layout in her works. An important point of reference is the Indian Amar Chitra Katha comic series that the artist encountered early in her life. They present religious and cultural narratives based on Hindu mythology and Indian history. She combines these with her interest in Greek mythology, western fairy tales and fantasy literature. She skillfully adapts the popular comic book format to her large scale works. Her use of the comic script as a trope to infuse the otherwise playful visual with an intent and relevant narrative is one of the many high points of her practice.

The humor and lightness of the visual elements balance the weighty discourses she handles in her practice. The blown-up and larger than life scale of her works also references the multiple points of entry and focus. She uses the busy and sometimes overwhelming imagery to give material form to an abstract concept- which through this process becomes accessible to multiple viewers. The use of text in her works is an inviting point of reference which opens the eye to the fantastical landscape at view. The words interject her visual narrative, and the two elements together take the viewer on a journey that titillates multiple senses.

Bose Pacia will be hosting an open studio on 11th July 2013 where the artist will be present.

Anita Dube’s Chance Pieces

Shradha Ramesh rediscovers Anita Dube’s work through her latest exhibition at Nature Morte, Berlin

New York: Nature Morte in Berlin is currently hosting “Chance Pieces”, the first solo show by Anita Dube in Germany.

On display are sculptures, wall based pieces and text works. The exhibition creates a mellifluous translation of visual language from black and white photography to a wax candle installation. The artist’s works induce a sense of taking you to another world, the world of Dube’s memories or experiences tempered with social and mythological references.

There is a sense of smooth transitions of patterns from her photographic oeuvre to her sculpture and installation. The flamboyant media she adopts mingle with textual messaging of societal loss, transformation and regeneration.

The artist thinks art is “a form of speculation that attempts to turn people’s attention towards something.”

For me -“Woman”, a 2007 paraffin wax and wick installation, hit a poignant note; it was a simple work, yet powerful.

Nature Morte is dedicated to experimental Indian contemporary art. Other than Berlin they have two gallery spaces in India – Gurgaon and New Delhi. Peter Nagy, the founder, selects artists who challenge and experiment with new forms of art on various levels.

Anita Dube’s “Chance Pieces” is on display from June 7 – July 27, 2013. To learn more about the exhibition click here.

Little Weapons of Defense, Anita Dube, 2008

Little Weapons of Defense, Anita Dube, 2008. Image Credit: http://www.naturemorte.com/exhibitions/2013-06-07_anita-dube/selected-works/#

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