The Art of Indian Storytelling

Elisabetta Marabotto of Saffronart invites you to ‘Telling Stories: The Art of Indian Story Telling’, the latest exhibition at the World Museum in Liverpool

London: The World Museum in Liverpool is currently hosting the exhibition ‘Telling Stories: The Art of Indian Storytelling’, on view till September 2013.

Citizens and visitors to Liverpool will have the chance to explore one of the most ancient arts of India – storytelling – through the works of seven Indian artists. Paintings, photographs, videos and sculptures have taken over the museum’s galleries. Among the artists featured are Mahasundari Devi, Mantu Chitrakar, Nankushiya Shyam and Teju Ben, representing folk art and storytelling traditions including Mithila, Kalighat, Gond and Bhil.

Mantu Chitrakar (detail)

A Kalighat painting by Mantu Chitrakar (detail). Image Credit:

Through different styles and media, these artists portray contemporary Indian life and society, and explore the connections between their artistic practice and storytelling, as we have similarly seen the works featured in Saffronart’s second Auction of Indian Folk and Tribal Art, held earlier this year.

The works on display in this exhibition were commissioned over the last five years by the National Museum of Liverpool and the World Museum in Liverpool.

If you are in or around Liverpool during the summer, I would definitely recommend paying a visit to the World Museum there, and staying tuned for the various events they are hosting in conjunction with this exhibition.

You can find more information on the exhibition here.

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