The House of Illusion

Shradha Ramesh of Saffronart reports on the much talked about Dalston House

New York: Leandro Erlich’s (b 1973) installation at Dalston House defies all artistic and scientific laws. The Victorian style facade placed against a reflective surface creates a transcending delusional fantasy space. A unique space, where anyone who comes in contact with the work becomes a super hero with his/her supernatural abilities. Elrich has created a new visual language that traverses disciplines such as art, architecture and physics.

Elrich is known for his interplay of real life objects and surreal imaging. He takes familiar day to day objects and fuses them with illusionistic settings. Some of his works that embody allegorical references are Monte-Meubles, L’ultime Déménagement (2012) shown at Le Voyage à Nantes, France, which is a facsimile of Dalton House, Swimming Pool (1999) and Elevator Pitch (2011) shown at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. He believes his artwork is complete only when the viewer interacts and experiences it.

My first interaction with the artist’s work was at Miami Art Basel Fair with his Single Cloud Collection (2012).

Monte Meubles, Leonardo Elrich

Monte Meubles, Leonardo Elrich. Image Credit:

Argentinean by birth, the installation artist lives and works between Buenos Aires and Paris. His artistic journey started at home under the influence of his father who is an architect. However, Elrich draws inspiration from everywhere, including literary Argentinian forebear Jorge Luis Borges’s found objects and even the works of film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, Luis Buñel and David Lynch.

Elrich is internationally acclaimed and has participated at both the Venice and Whitney biennales. His works have been exhibited in various global forums and even in private and public museums.

Swimming Pool, Leonardo Elrich

Swimming Pool, Leonardo Elrich. Image Credit:

The Dalston House installation will be open to the public until August 4, 2013 courtesy of the Barbican Center, a multi-arts and conference venue in London.