Pakistani Artists at Pulse Art Fair 2013 in New York

Shradha Ramesh shares a note on the Pakistani artists showcased at this year’s Pulse Art Fair in New York.

New York: The 2013 Pulse Art Fair in New York, the thirteenth of its kind, exhibited an array of contemporary pieces from both established and new artists. This year, their South Asian collection included works by the Pakistani artists Adeela Suleman and Ambreen Butt.

Adeela Suleman, Pulse Art Fair 2013

Adeela Suleman, Untitled (The Boat), 2009, Pulse Art Fair 2013

Exhibited by the contemporary London and New York based Aicon Gallery were three pieces by Adeela Suleman. Suleman is known for her metal sculptural pieces which reflect her engagement with political and gender issues.

Ambreen Butt with Carroll and Son,

Ambreen Butt with Carroll and Son, I Am My Lost Diamond.

Ambreen Butt was exhibited in collaboration with Carroll and Son. Butt’s works are known to be inspired by unfortunate events in Pakistan. This work in particular was inspired by the 2010 bombings that occurred in Pakistan and is a small scale version of the original installation which consists of red coloured casts of fingers and toes.

Read more on the Pulse Art Fair website.

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