London Calling!

The Saffronart Team on buying property in London.

London: Mews? Maisonettes? Mansion Blocks? Leaseholds? Freeholds? Mayfair apartments? Kensington penthouses? Looking for a house in London requires a good degree of patience and perseverance, but once you get hold of your dream house, the satisfaction is endless!

London is a magnet for the world’s wealth and due to the large number of people wanting to live in London, the competition for good London properties is high for the good catches, and the real estate agents are not always on ones side. In fact, in the UK the estate agents work for the seller rather than the buyer. So, no matter how hard one tries to specify ones essential requirements for a London property, one will be shown houses that do not match at all ones original ideas (estate agents can only show you a small percentage of houses) and until the end you are not sure the house will be yours. Also, the estate agents’ task is to sell the property to any client and not to help the buyer find one.

However, having said that, do not give up because here is where Saffronart Prime London comes to the buyer’s aid! Whether you are house hunting in London, would like an idea of London property prices, or simply curious to learn more about the London property market, Prime London is the guide and service for you.

Saffronart will accompany and help the buyer throughout the entire process, from looking for the house to finding a decorator, and will never leave the buyer to fend for himself.  Saffronart understands that various people have different needs depending on age, employment and so forth, and also that everyone wants and expects the best value for their money. Thus, Saffronart services are very personal and adaptable to suit every individual client. After helping find the property, Saffronart, on the buyer’s request can provide a team of lawyers, surveyors, and financing to ease the bureaucratic side of things. Once this is completed, it is time to think about how to decorate and maintain the property, and Saffronart can help suggest decorators too.

Saffronart looks forward to helping home-seekers in their quest for their dream house and making sure the entire process happens smoothly.

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NIVIM Goa: A Journey from the Drawing Board to Reality

The Saffronart Team on one of Goa’s most interesting homes.

New York: NIVIM sits on a 1025 square meter site on a hill in a sleepy village in Goa – an ideal country home. The house is currently in its final phase of construction and scheduled to complete next month.

NIVIM Goa is the labour of love of Anjali Mangalgiri, a New York returned architect who moved to Goa with the sole purpose to build this house. The house is a culmination of her vision to bring architectural excellence and sustainable design to mainstream construction in India.

The core principle behind the design concept and decisions is ‘to be true to the place where the house is being built’ – Goa! Anjali explains, “We asked ourselves this question: Why would a person choose to live in Goa?  We realized the underlying theme is because Goa allows a person to reconnect with nature-  its untouched green environs, mostly unpolluted waters, clean air, abundant biodiversity… This aspect has since been central to our design concept.”

Watch NIVIM’s year long journey .

For more about the design concept and inspirations, read Anjali’s newyork goa diaries! 

The house is projected to be the first green rated building in Goa. National Geographic is doing a documentary on Green Buildings in India. Read Anjali’s interview on Green Buildings in India for National Geographic’s upcoming documentary and watch this space for more snapshots and updates as we chase time to the finish line!

Saffronart and the Mushroom Cloud

The Saffronart Team on the newly installed ‘Line of Control’, Subodh Gupta’s massive installation at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, DLF South Court Mall, New Delhi.

New Delhi: It took 80 man hours, about 3 dozen men, unimaginable logistical effort, and superb execution to erect the largest mushroom in the country. The 40 foot ceiling in the mall’s atrium left little room to manoeuvre while piecing together the work. The entire installation, one of Gupta’s largest weighs 26 tons and measures 36×36 feet. When completed it left barely a foot and a half to spare around it in the mall’s atrium. The week long installation process, however, was a visual treat for visitors to the mall…

Chandrashekhar Poojari and Haresh Jiandani from Saffronart spent a week with the rest of the team from the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, and John and Sam from Art Transport­­­­­­­­­, the company that was hired to put this installation together. The result was a perfectly executed chrome plated structure of pots, pans, plates, bowls, ladles, spoons, tiffin boxes, sieves, and saucers – the Line of Control.

Watch the video:

Read more about this installation

Read more about Subodh’s Tate Britain show

Watch Gupta talk about LOC :

Subodh Gupta will be showcasing another public installation, Et tu, Duchamp? at the inaugural Frieze Art Fair in New York, next week. Watch this space for an exclusive from Randall Island’s Park, Manhattan, New York.

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